Custom software creation

We produce custom software in various fields.

Software under Windows

1-user interface or, in fact, UserInterface with WPF technology (technology used to build software such as Office and Photoshop)
2-Database SQL Server Project.

3-Visual Studio coding environment.
4. The software bridge with the database Using the Entity FrameWork Data Model The latest database-related database method provided by Microsoft.



برنامه نویسی,برنامه نویسی مشهد,ساخت نرم افزار,ساخت نرم افزار مشهد

طراحی گرافیک , , طراحی گرافیک مشهد کارت , کارت ویزیت , کارت مشهد, کارت ویزیت مشهد, طراحی کاتالوگ, طراحی کاتالوگ مشهد, کاتالوگ, کاتالوگ مشهد, بنر, بنر مشهد, پوستر, پوسترمشهد,

Interactive animation software

– Including our production software, the timer is English text reading.

– Also build a custom autorun with special features and promotional software like

– Custom animated desktop and custom screen saver are among our other abilities